Muance Productions is a music production company of traditional musics, and a recording studio, that I created in 1988, today called Musavida.
We have released over 20 albums distributed by Buda Musique and Le Souffle d’or, and also recorded many artists for their own projects.
When I produce, I do the technical recording, the artistic direction, and often I play myself. More info.

The Dwarf in ChinaOlivier Milchberg2015Original soundtrack
Mes OrientsOlivier Milchberg2014Oriental World
Salvados del olvidoLos Incas2012Andean Music
ZaiaCirque du Soleil2010Circus Music
Chants d'émoiHombeline2007France - Provence
WahedWahedPêcheurs de Perles2006Oriental World
MotayemMotayemPêcheurs de Perles2004Oriental World
Nawah-AdwanNawahFrançoise Atlan / Moneim Adwan2003Oriental World
Los Incas UltimoEl UltimoLos Incas2002Andean Music
Pecheurs de Perles MadadMadadPêcheurs de Perles2001Oriental World
Hobeline CounsoloteCounsoloteHombeline2001France
HierHier – Aujourd'huiRigodons2000France
Los Incas ConcertEn concertLos Incas2000Andean Music
CharangoCharangoJorge Milchberg1999Andean Music
MascaronMascaronDelphine Aguilera /
Olivier Milchberg
1998France - Provence
Passe-montagneLes pieds dans le platPasse Montagne1998France - Provence
RaduyssiaRaduyssiaOlga Lapszina1996Russia
KapelaZagraj Kapela!Kapela1996Europe
AbiskoSamhradhAbisko1992Trad Irland / Sweden
Los Incas PlumeLa plume de l’oeufLos Incas1991Andean Music
SablesLe conte des sablesFrançois Monnet1991Musical Tale
DedicacesDédicacesJorge Milchberg1990Andean Music
MiroirsMiroirs sonoresJorge Milchberg1989New age
Gouttes-feu-2Gouttes de feuOlivier Milchberg1988New age
Los Incas AlegriaAlegriaLos Incas1988Andean Music
La-Porte-Du-SilenceLa porte du silenceLos Incas1985Andean Music
Los Incas I Eternite2Un instant d'éternitéLos Incas1983Andean Music
The Muance studio at the very beginning
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