Here is a selection of albums in which I am artistically involved.
In 1988, I created a traditional music production company and a recording studio, Muance Productions, now renamed Musavida. We have released over 20 albums distributed by Buda Musique and Le Souffle d’or, and also recorded many artists for their own projects.
Other albums I produced are on Musavida.

 AlbumAppearing as YearGenre
Olivier Milchberg - The Dwarf in ChinaComposer, artistic director, producer2015Original soundtrack
Olivier Milchberg - Mes OrientsComposer, producer2014Oriental World
Los Incas - Salvados del olvidoMusician2012Andean Music
Cirque du Soleil - ZaiaMusician2010Circus Music
Hombeline - Chants d'émoiMusician, arranger2007France - Provence
WahedPêcheurs de Perles - WahedMusician, co-arranger, co-composer2006Oriental World
MotayemPêcheurs de Perles - MotayemMusician, co-arranger, producer2004Oriental World
Nawah-AdwanFrançoise Atlan / Moneim Adwan - NawahMusician, producer2003Oriental World
Los Incas UltimoLos Incas - El UltimoMusician, co-producer2002Andean Music
Pecheurs de Perles MadadPêcheurs de Perles - MadadMusician, co-producer2001Oriental World
Hobeline Counsolote Hombeline - CounsoloteMusician, artistic director, producer2001France
Los Incas ConcertLos Incas - En concertMusician, co-producer2000Andean Music
MascaronDelphine Aguilera /
Olivier Milchberg - Mascaron
Musician, arranger, co-producer1998France - Provence
Passe-montagnePasse Montagne - Les pieds dans le platMusician, arranger, producer1998France - Provence
Kapela Kapela - Zagraj Kapela!Musician, arranger, producer1996Europe
Abisko Abisko - SamhradhArtistic director, Producer1992Trad Irland / Sweden
Los Incas PlumeLos Incas - La plume de l’oeufMusician, co-producer1991Andean Music
Gouttes-feu-2Olivier Milchberg - Gouttes de feuComposer, artistic director, producer1988New age
La-Porte-Du-SilenceLos Incas - La porte du silenceMusician, co-producer1985Andean Music


Olivier Milchberg at Studio Muance
Studio Muance at its very beginning

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